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Amazon Favourites

We have used a range of different Amazon products which have helped us enormously and we love. I thought I would share with you all the products we have found useful and we enjoy using. Most of all River enjoys these to (especially the toys and treats)!

I have created a mixture of different lists which includes all the products we have tried out. I would 100% recommend all the products we have listed! These lists consist of things like: Treats, Supplements, Dog Gear, Canicross, Mental Stimulation, Grooming, Training & Behaviour, Toys, Travel Essentials and Photography. I will be adding to these lists as I purchase more products that we find to love. As well as, create new potential lists.

Check out our lists and see if theres anything that interests you (or your dogs!). There is a huge range from beds to collars to harnesses and to shampoos.

I have also added an insight on the photography equipment I use. Which is a little different from dog things. But it's what I use to photograph River, which might be interesting for some.

So far some our most favourite products are:

• Ruffwear Roamer Expandable lead. You can attach this to your waist, so you can walk hands free. We've owned this for so long and it is still in great condition.

Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat. This has been a life saver for after baths. River would still be quite damp after drying her with a towel. This has definitely helped to keep the house dry!

• Pawfit Tracker. Always great to have this and a great piece of mind. Tracking her if she runs off as well as track her activity.

• HundEnergy. Great little bars for dogs on the go. River loves these mid hike snacks, definitely help build her energy to burn off again!

• Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treat Paste. This has been amazing for training. River is very stubborn and likes to "listen" on her own terms. This really has been amazing to gain that control over her and working on her heel.

River's Response: I love my treats and toys, especially balls! I LOVE squeaky balls. I am so spoilt and lucky to be able to have all these nice things! Mentally stimulating toys are also great. They are usually filled with nice, yummy things like peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter, especially in Kongs or my squeaky snake. I LOVE squeaky things (I like to kill the squeak...). HundEnergy. bars are my new found love!! They give me a lot of energy on long walks, runs and hikes! They give me super sonic speed and that's super cool!

All of these products are listed on our Amazon Storefront.

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