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Beddies Dog Beds

River tried out these two beds from Beddies 4 Pets. They are both high quality and durable.

Here River is modelling the Blue/Rust Waterproof Lounger in Large (available in four different colours). It is a lovely navy colour, with a subtle hit of orange which are contrasting colours. This would be great for camping trips. As it has an easy to clean surface, as well as a fully removable cover. This bed is surprisingly comfortable, considering it’s made from waterproof materials.

Next River tried the Plush Cord Mattress also in Large. This one is super soft! It has a large surface space for more cozy, relaxed sleeping. It is a lovely neutral colour. Perfect to fit in with any styled home. This one also has a fully removable cover, making it easier to wash. This bed fits in nicely in our living room.

They both have non-slip bottoms. Which is ideal for hard, slippery floors. They are easily machine washable, for all those mucky pups. These beds are unique and are great value for money. River definitely loves and approves them! River’s Rating: 9/10

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