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Bob and Lush Gravy & Treats!

We had the opportunity to try out Bob and Lush’s gravy and treats!

Here’s River showing off her new goodies! I think she’s exited to try them out.

We got given a range of three different flavours of treats including: Venison, Duck and Ox. Both River and little Vinnie loved these treats and sat patiently for a bite! These are perfect to give as high value treats when training. It grabs River’s attention very quickly and she starts to listen to commands beautifully.

The gravy is perfect for fussy eaters! It adds more flavour and texture to any kibble and wet food. Or it could be used for a special treat for good doggos! There is also 15 calories per serving. So it is delicious and quite a healthy addition to a meal!

Overall, River thinks these products are really tasty and definitely worth it. Next, we will try out freezing the gravy in some moulds, and give them to the dogs on hot days as cool treats.

River’s Rating: 8.5/10

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