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Butternut Box - 75% off

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

River is such a fussy eater. It took a whole year to find the perfect food for her! She would easily get bored and refuse her kibble. I was always worried about how much she ate, and if she was eating enough. Because there would still be a full bowl by the end of the day. We decided to try Butternut Box, as it offered a different process of dog food to what we wasn't use to. It worked amazingly! River loved it and gets so exited for her breakfast and dinner now.

This is the best food you could provide for your dog! With 60% meat and 40% mix veg and lentils. Calculated by the breed and weight of your dog, Butternut Box provides the perfect calorie intake to sustain your dog. They are freshly prepared meals with the choice of four meats including: beef, chicken, turkey and lamb. They also provide free delivery, which is always great. You can get a free bag of treats on your first order (either lamb or fish treats).

Overall, Butternut Box was an amazing find and thankfully River loves it! We loved it so much we become ambassadors for them. If you would like 75% off your first order click on the link below (totalling of roughly under £10)!

River's Rating: 10/10

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