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DogFit Canicross Ambassadors

I am so pleased to announce River and I are ambassadors for Dogfit uk (we also have a cheeky discount code below for any purchases on their website). Dogfit are passionate about supporting people and their dogs to become fitter together. As well as, providing amazing products, advice and services to encourage sporting with your dog.

River and I are fairly new to the canicross world, and so far we love it. River being half husky means she has a lot of energy to burn. This is the perfect sport for her as well as for me. She drives and motivates me to become fitter with her. It has created such an amazing bond between us, setting goals and hitting targets. We started off with minimal gear, slowing upgrading to more suitable harnesses and equipment. This has made it so much easier for us to run more comfortably. What I enjoy the most about canicross, is seeing how happy and excited River gets. She loves it so much and I enjoy seeing my girl content and doing what she enjoys most. River can also be reactive towards other dogs. Canicross has been an escape/distraction, in order to focus that energy on something else, allowing her to concentrate more on her running than other dogs.

We would like to eventually run alongside other dogs in order to encourage the idea of other dogs not being that interesting and that running and ignoring is much more fun and a better option. This is something we are hoping to eventually build up to.

Use code 'SKDF' for discount on:

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