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Fields you can rent!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

River isn’t always reliable when it comes to being off lead. I wanted to give River some freedom and running distance to release some of her energy. So we did some research and found a field which you can rent for either 30mins or 55mins. These are amazing and perfect for dogs who are reactive, unreliable and in training etc.

What I love about these fields is that they are fully secure. There is no need to worry about your dog running away! Happy hooman, happy dog! You can instantly tell by her body language that she’s happy and eager to start chasing the ball.

Not everyone knows about fields like these. We sure didn’t until we got told and didn’t realise we had one so close! It’s helped us a lot with River and she loves it!

I like to capture pictures of River in these moments. As she is in her element, running around (getting as muddy as possible). Sometimes I like to get creative, so I created a image of River with balloons attached to her. Looking like she’s floating away😂.


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