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Golden Paste Company🧡

River had the opportunity to try out their TurmerEase Turmeric chicken slices. She started these right away, with 2 slices with each meal. In less than a week I noticed her fur was sooo soft and silky.

We loved the Golden Paste Company supplements so much. That we decided to also try out their TurmOil capsules. River doesn’t accept these as willingly as the TurmerEase. However, I can hide it in her dinner or sprinkle the powder over her food. This has Omega 3 & 6, which helps maintain a healthy skin and strengthens the immune system.

Both these products have been very useful to provide River with the supplements she needs. They help with joint heath, general well-being and skin and coat. This helps River maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can use the code RIVER10 for discount at checkout.

River’s Rating: 8/10

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