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How to keep your dog cool in the heat 🥵

It is always stressful watching your dog suffer in the heat, not knowing how to sooth them. I will share what I do for River when it gets hot.

First of all, you must make sure you walk your dog early morning or late in the evening. The temperature shouldn’t be as hot then, allowing the concreate to be safe to walk on and for your dog not to over heat! Always make sure there is fresh water around, to keep your dogs hydrated.

At home I leave a cool mat from Scruffs on the floor. That way River can lay on it if she feels a little to hot.

Damp towels, cooling blankets/towels and cooling vests are also great to use.

Frozen treats are the best! As well as being stimulating for the mind it is a cold tasty treat for you pups!

Here I have frozen Bob and Lush gravy. It is a yummy little, cold morsel for your dog to snack on. River loves these!

Another thing River loves is this frozen block of different treats. Here I added water and some of River‘s favourite treats. I then freeze it and it’s good to go! It takes a while for her to get through this. So, it’s quite time consuming and also tires the mind. You can fill it with whatever treats your dog likes best!

Frozen kongs are also a good alternative. However, you need to make sure there is a hole throughout to prevent suction. A plastic straw works perfectly to do this.

A paddling pool is definitely a must! River loves taking a dip and cooling off. She loves to splash about and it encourages her to drink more. Keeping her hydrated (so make sure it’s fresh water!). I make sure to keep this in the shade to keep it more refreshing.

A cheeky ice-cream won’t do any harm😜

I hope all you and your dogs keep safe and healthy during this heat wave!❤️


Cool mat-

Cooling towel-


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