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Liv Like Busby Collar

River and I absolutely love this collar. She is wearing the Classic Merlot Collar in size 16-20” and 25mm width. I think this is the perfect measurements, as it suits her well.

I love how the hardware is rose gold. This complements the subtle pinky/burgundy colour of the collar. It also adds a uniqueness to it. It is a minimalistic, stylish collar which can go well with any fur types.

It is very easy to clean as it’s made of BioThane webbing. This means it is waterproof as well as durable. Which makes it easy to maintain for all those mucky and clumsy pups like mine. These are also perfect for adventurous dogs.

River wore hers on our camping trip and it has sustained mud, rain and general play/ware.

River’s Rating: 9/10

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