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PawFit Accessories


The handle is amazing. The material on the inside is crazy comfy and soft! The buckle seems very useful for car rides. Theres a large amount of bungee which worked really well for us! River is a puller but this was correcting her more than other bungee leads as there was more tension there. The second handle is nice a big. This benefitted my partner as he’s tall he’s comfortable holding this (with some other leads he needs to slouch more in order to reach the second handle).


At first I felt the harness was to high up and that it may bother her armpits. However, she didn’t seem to mind and didn’t do her funny limp walk when something does bother her there. So, I don’t believe this is an issue. It’s probably because her others are quite low so it was just different. The second loop on her chest was amazing! I had so much more control over River! Some other harnesses with the same attachment always seem to slide about almost coming off. Whereas this harness seemed pretty grounded and remanded in position with minimum sliding. I love the back attachment with the extra Velcro and buckle. Although when I’m not using this attachment, they bang together making a sound. But this didn’t bother me or change the effectiveness.


The reflective stripes is great for night time walks. She can be seen which is good! I love the colour theme as well. As orange can be quite a bold colour but the orange to grey ratio is perfect. Very practical and functional, stylish and effective. Overall, this is a great product, which will be very useful.

River's Rating 9/10

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