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Rowley Farms Worcester

First of all we were so amazed at how well equipped The Stables were. They provided everything from cooking utensils, towels, dog towel, shower gel, shampoo, coffee, first aid kit, washing machine, dishwasher and much more! It definitely was a hassle free, relaxing stay. The Stables was beautifully decorated for Christmas with a lovely tree, wreath, ornaments and a mistletoe. We received a lovely welcome package with crisps, fudge and drinks.

We stayed for two nights and we had an absolutely great time. Both nights we warmed up the wood burning hot tub for a lovely evening soak. I was very relaxed as River watched me, contemplating wether to join me or not (luckily she decided that sniffing around the garden was much more interesting). The garden was a lovely size for River to roam in and the fences were high enough for River not to jump out.

There was under floor heating which kept all our feet warm, alongside the wood burning stove which kept us cozy in the evening. There was extra wood by the entrance, if we needed anymore. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud! It was so comfy and we spent bedtime watching Netflix on the TV in the bedroom. Unfortunately River wasn’t able to experience sleeping on a cloud, although she did try and sneak her way up. She then settled in her own bed, right next to us.

There’s so much to do locally and we visited a couple of dog friendly pubs, which were The New Inn and The Crown Inn. River is such a great pub dog, so it makes the experience so much better. We also went for a nice walk at Shrawley Woods, a nice combination of wooded and open areas for River to sniff out.

After our muddy walk we utilised Rowley Farm’s dog wash, this was a life saver. The peanut butter and lick mat provided was definitely River’s favourite part. There was soap (which made River smell so nice!) and scrubby gloves also provided. After rinsing her off we used their dog towel to dry her before having post bath zoomies in the garden.

Rowley Farms own a few animals including sheep, goats and piglets. River can be reactive towards farm animals, so I went and visited them on my own. The goats were very friendly and the sweet little piglets greeted me with some oinks. The animals are nicely tucked away for any reactive dogs, which are out of sight for them.

Overall, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to be Rowley Farm’s Ruff Reviewers. River had an amazing stay, and so did her hoomans. We would definitely visit again then again.

Rowley Farms:

The New Inn:

The Crown Inn:

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