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Scruffs Dog Beds

River got sent some Scruffs products. This included their Casablanca Box Bed in grey (in XL), Windsor Mattress in charcoal (in L) and a Cool Mat in blue (in L).

River is modelling the Windsor Mattress here. It is super soft and comfortable. It is ideal for sharing as it has no boarders, as you can see Vinnie wanted to join in! This bed is really good for a day bed to lounge around in. It is light weight and can be portable as you can compact it easily.

Now River is modelling the Casablanca Box Bed. This is a nice stylish bed with an effective but subtle pattern. It has an easy wipeable material. It is perfect for night time sleeping, due to it having cozy boarders to contain warmth. This also gives more security and comfort. It is a perfect size for a 20kg medium dog.

We also got sent a cooling mat. This will be great for the hot summer days!

Overall these beds are really spongy and comfortable. They are machine washable, for all those mucky pups. They both have non-slip bases, this stops it from moving about on slippery floors. They have a range of colours which can suit any household. River loves them both and were exited to use the cool mat when it gets hotter!

River's Rating: 9/10

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