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Secret Valley Glamping Bridgwater

Secret Vally was bliss! The weather was perfect and it was an amazing stay. A big site with different types of huts to stay this included: Wigwams, Lodges with hot tips, Shepard's huts with hot tubs, Vinyard wigwams and Lotus belle tents. We stayed in a vineyard wigwam hut which over looked their beautiful vinyard, where they produce their own wine.

On site they have a huge communal kitchen that you can use as well as, shower and toilet blocks. They also provide a bbq pit with wood, which we definitely utilised every evening. In addition, to being able to purchase food packs, locally made wine and cider. Lovely walk opportunities where you can see some farm animals and a little lake where you can take part in some activities through Black Rock Outdoors. Farm tours are available to learn more about their land and what they produce.

Locally there is lots to do. We took a trip to Cheddar gorge where it's 100% dog friendly! Which was amazing. There's so much to do including exploring different caves, beyond the view experience, museum and cliff top walk. It was definitely worth the hike up there to see the beautiful views. We also managed to see some wild goats grazing on the cliff walls.

The caves are over 500,000 years old and it is believed that the first cheddar cheese was made here by a milkmaid because of the cooler temperature. Of course we had to bring home some of the cave made cheese with us.

We also spent the day a Wall Eden Adventure where we did some canoeing. Luckily we didn't tip over, although we did get very close! We canoed up river Brue, which took around 3 hours. River loved looking at the water and her surroundings. Definitely the perfect way to workout surround by the beautiful nature. They also provide different activities including paddleboarding and kayaking.

Overall, it was a very adventurous stay. We were busy everyday leaving River knackered in the evenings. Where we roasted marshmallows and cooked some dinner. We also spent some time at a very remote beach where the tide was fully out. River took full advantage to dig in the sand and get really mucky! As you can see she was one very happy pup.

Secret Valley:

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Wall Eden Adventure:

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