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Soopa Healthy Dog Snacks

These snacks are not just tasty but super healthy for your dogs! With a range of fruity, veggie and nutty flavours combined to make some yummy treats. These treats are great for dogs with health issues, they are low in fat and protein.

Soopa have three different forms of treats. This includes: healthy bites, dental sticks and healthy chews.

River is a bit of a fussy girl and was not to keen on the fleshiness of the dehydrated chews. However, Vinnie taste tested these for us and he 100% approved. This is just River being a fussy girl!🙄😂

Overall, these are great. I love how they come in different forms, for different consumptions and can be used as training treats, rewards or just as a nice treat. They are unique and beneficial, with is a great factor when providing your dogs with treats.

River‘s Rating: 8/10

Vinnie‘s Rating: 10/10

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