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Postage & Shipping 

All orders will be shipped within 3 days of purchase. UK orders will be shipped first class, and international orders will be shipped standard class.


As the tags are personalised, refunds are offered if the item is faulty or has any human error. You have 10 days to return the item once it has arrived.

Product Infomation

The tags that are produced are not laser engraved. They are hand stamped. This means that not every tag is the same and there may be some differences in spacing, pressure and alignment. However, this is what makes your tag unique. 

All metals may tarnish over time. This can easily be fixed by using a simple polishing solution or 0000 fine steel wool. The black enamel used to fill in the design may wear over time. This can simply be topped up by using a sharpie to fill in the areas. 

Aluminium is a softer metal. 

Brass and Nickel are medium metals.


If full address is given through the selection box, I will only stamp the parts listed (a door/house number and postcode (including phone number)). Please contact me before your purchase if you would like this to be discussed further or altered. If no address is added, but phone number(s) are. Then I will only stamp the information I am given and will not include the address. 

Once tag detailed have been confirmed and stamped, there cannot be any changes made after. 

Example of the back:

One number.                     Two numbers.

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